A Warrandyte Uniting Church Peace Initiative
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A place for peace
Whittlesea Interfaith Network enjoyed their recent visit to the Peace wall. They shared their thoughts of peace with each other and commented on something in particular about a tile or the design which spoke to them in a special way.
They offered thoughts and prayers for peace written on handmade paper which will be planted in the peace garden.

Whittlesea Interfaith Network

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Concerned about climate change, the rapid depletion of world oil reserves, the chronic condition of our Murray-Darling river system, amongst so many other crises around the globe, but feeling powerless to do something about these issues? Act positively for the environment, yourself, and the earth you will leave your kids and grandchildren. Take a stand (Grand Stand!) with a non-political, active group of people from the Manningham municipality of Melbourne area and beyond. Grand Stand is a vision initiated by some Melbourne based Uniting Church members. We offer faith communities, and all others who see the need to care for the natural environment, an opportunity to share in heartfelt reflection on our connection to the Earth, through listening, dialogue and ritual, via a series of public forums.


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