Hearing Aids

Craft - Material, buttons, lace, old cards

Computers and Accessories - re-usable

Computers and Accessories - not re-usable


Kitchen utensils and accessories

Coats, hats and scarves (winter only)


Teaching aids, pencils, pens and non-paper stationery

Mobile Phones

Misc - Blackboards




Light Globes

Ink Cartridges

Text books
A Warrandyte Uniting Church Peace Initiative
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A place for peace
Hotham Mission Green Planet Recycling Disk Back
Recycled for use in other countries where access to spectacles is difficult.

Raises money for special projects such as providing wheelchairs for children overseas.

Used to provide hearing aids to those who can't afford them.

Cards & Peace bags are made from recycled items to raise funds for Peace projects.

Built into usable computers for Refugees and students and for disabled people in need of a computer.

Materials are recycled.

Materials are recycled.

Used in setting up houses for Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

To provide warm clothes for Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

To be sent to churches overseas.

School for children of Burmese workers on the Thai-Burma border.

Materials are recycled and the money from phones goes to charities.

Bicycles sent to needy nations overseas where cycling is key transport mode (First load went to Zambia)

Materials recycled

Cartridges are either passed on for refilling or bought for charities

Sent overseas to assist students
How used